March 28th, 2004

krazy koati

A sailor man from Turkestan came knocking at the door

After some routine chores and some lovely conversations on Spindizzy I went down to Orchard Road and wandered about the shopping district. In a rare burst of inspiration I thought to look for a music CD, the recently (re)released Songs of the Pogo, collections of various Walt Kelly amusements and frivolities that I've long wanted (it was a vinyl album back in prehistory). After poking around Borders and HMV I realized I had no idea where to find such it. Pop? Not really. Humour? Sure, but by ``humour'' they mean, you know, Bob Newhart and Firesign Theater and the like. Folk? Doesn't seem right. Where to file comic-strip inspired short songs?

Finally I resigned myself to asking a clerk. Normally I run from anyone asking if they can help me find something, which doesn't work well here as clerks team up to block the obvious avenues of escape. They were all right being asked for ``Songs of the,'' but ``Pogo'' caused quite some consternation, as if it were a completely insane word to say. Perhaps it is, but I'm confident I spelled it correctly, and after some digging on the computer they announced they couldn't find it, and I think they were confused why I took up their time with an obviously nonsensical request. I only hope they haven't put me on a list of troublemakers.

Trivia: To increase the credibility of ``Major Martin,'' the corpse with fake plans designed to distract the Germans from the invasion of Sicily, British intelligence put in his pockets theater ticket stubs which would ``prove'' he had been in London shortly before his death. German intelligence recorded the dates wrong. Source: The Man Who Never Was, Ewen Montagu.

Currently Reading: Full Moon, P.G. Wodehouse.