April 1st, 2004

krazy koati

There is danger in the summer moon above

Last lecture today, and a -- slightly rushed -- final round of student presentations. I have one more class hour, tomorrow, a computer lab for which I expect record low populations. (I don't take attendance, and they've had two weeks for the currently due assignment, and it's a Friday 4 pm session the last week of classes.) Someone was looking for classes still holding computer labs this week to film for a promotional video; apparently, I'm the last one in the department having any, and I had to apologize; they won't want to film this.

While I won't be truly done until final exams in about three weeks, I had to have my exams written (and reviewed by another faculty member, a really wise policy) by today, so my only responsibilities for three weeks are some light grading; then grading finals; then nothing for a few months. Of course I get sentimental about everything, but the finishing of the school year is something that inspires thoughts of endings, and plans of what to do next. My current plan: more sleep; Civilization III, Europa Universalis II, Hearts of Iron, and Master of Orion III; and back to the textbook and papers I have to write. Past that, well, I shouldn't unveil too much, lest I get mawkish. You'll hear, those of you interested in hearing.

Trivia: Asteroid number 9548, discovered 13 February 1985 by Spacewatch at Kitt Peak, is named Fortran, after the famous computer language. Source: Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, Lutz D. Schmadel.

Currently Reading: `T. E. Lawrence': In Arabia and After, Basil H. Liddell-Hart.