April 4th, 2004

krazy koati

Listen to those rails a-thrumming

To start, I apologize to Roofus_roo for making a joke at his expense on Friday. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

I returned to my low-intensity, odd project to visit all of the MRT stations in Singapore and photograph them and their vicinity. Why am I photographing all 68 (opened to date) MRT stations and 20 (opened to date) LRT stations? I don't know, but it's fun and may make a weird web page someday. Today my focus was on the middle of the East-West line, the stations from Commonwealth to City Hall, a region I've travelled over much but not visited often, as it's mostly residences (from Commonwealth to Redhill) or the business district (Tiong Bahru to Raffles Place), with only City Hall having that mix of things that random strangers are really supposed to wander into.

It was interrupted by a good thundershower. It was playful -- variable in intensity, with plenty of little zephyrs making it the sort of rain that's fun to be in, as if a storm front felt like tickling, and some pictures through the rain even came out. The stations themselves weren't that amusing, despite the intense pinkness of Redhill, which looks like the outcome of one of the lesser Pink Panther cartoons and even has a concession stand, ``The Pink Station''. It's balanced by the intense blue of Queenstown and the intense yellow of Commonwealth, which don't have similar stands that I found.

The one bad thing is my SmartMedia card got garbled somehow and I had to reformat, losing some artistic shots of Dover MRT with a beautiful storm rolling in. A shame.

Trivia: On the North-South MRT line there are no stations NS6 or NS12; the numbers are skipped. Source: Singapore Bus Guide With MRT And LRT Information, Mighty Minds Publishing. Though they assigned the current station numbers two and a half years ago, and I ride the north-south line almost weekly, I didn't notice this until about a month ago.

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