April 9th, 2004

krazy koati

Skippy your friend ever true

Though I'd been planning to before the tragedy, I went to the Singapore Zoo. As it happens I saw an animal saved from escape. At the walk-in enclosure where one could pet several models of kangaroos if they didn't all lay in the sand well away from the sidewalk to which humans are confined. For a change, though, one of the small kangaroos -- I think a wallaby, but I can't shake the suspicion they're just ``large kangaroos'' and ``small kangaroos'' and the division into species is just the kangaroo community messing with tourists -- got not only onto the sidewalk, but into the double-gated enclosure that's meant to keep kangaroos from escaping.

This was premeditated: she was staring at the crack in the gate, waiting for a careless visitor to let her out into the world. Finally an Australian (do Australians find it boring to see kangaroos in zoos?) lead her, by hand motions and gentle nudging with his foot, back inside the enclosure. She stayed by the gate, hopping back and forth and watching for a chance.

As the only kangaroo who could be petted she drew a lot of attention, and starred in many pictures. Some twit got a piece of bread (who takes bread to the zoo?) and fed her one fragment at a time. This got him, admittedly, better pictures, but apparently he never considered whether the kangaroo was on the Atkins diet. He and his son pet the kangaroo while she was eating; I was always taught not to bother animals, at all if possible, but certainly not while eating. I did scritch her, after she was long done eating and after she had the chance to smell my hand and get either comfortable or bored with me.

Those who heard of the green polar bears a few months back, well, one's completely cured of the algae causing green fur. The other is nearly entirely cured; there's a few greenish patches, but if you didn't know what they were you'd think they were just grass stains. I also got some lovely pictures of the sea lion show (with cameo from Helena the otter), the otters, the raccoons, and not much else; a heavy thunderstorm sliced a big chunk of time out of my visit. But I also picked up some nice rcoony and porsupah plush toys.

Also, since blither dislikes her toaster, I cleaned my apartment. More on that anon.

Trivia: Singapore's first air strip was the horse racetrack at what is now Farrer Park. Source: Street Names of Singapore, Peter K G Dunlop.

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