April 27th, 2004

krazy koati

Run with us

The only noteworthy news items about Nicoll Highway today are that several hundred buildings near MRT construction sites are being examined for reported cracks; and that those in charge of the toll road which is one of the alternate routes have suspended the toll for the detour portion of the highway. They're raising the toll at the adjacent toll spots. That's about what you'd expect.

The good news about the meeting to review my grades is it's not simply me; it's a department meeting to review grade distributions. The bad news is, apparently I'm supposed to present my grade distributions for everyone to review, and I take it I'm part of the review of everyone else's grades. I've never been to one of these before, so I hope I'm off base in thinking the best I can hope for is jokes about the futility of grading.

But I still have raccoon pictures for rcoony and others to enjoy. We'll start with a nicely relaxed raccoon -- admittedly, most raccoons relax well -- in a scene that wasn't as dark as the picture makes it look. I had the problem with the light sensitivity. This was near the main raccoon hangout which was a pretty nice place to hang out. Or they could play king of the hill, whatever. (I don't think the others were into this round.) Those who didn't want to be in the group -- I've counted as many as sixteen raccoons there at once -- had plenty of trees to enjoy, and make one wonder if maybe the laws of gravity work different for woodland creatures (a question orv first raised).

There are more, but I've had too many enormous posts lately, so I'll save the remainder for another day.

Trivia: Between 1865 and the crash of 1873 approximately 30,000 miles of new railroad track were opened to the public in the United States. Source: A New History of the United States, William Miller.

Currently Reading: The Second World War, John Keegan.