May 2nd, 2004

krazy koati

Have it your way

An absurd dance I repeat every visit to a Burger King Singapore. I order a value meal (often the rendang double meal -- rendang is a sort of curry -- that's quite good). Coke Light with Lemon. ``Having here or take away?'' Having here. ``Chili?'' No, I don't want a packet of chili. ``Ketchup?'' No, thank you. I haven't cared for ketchup since middle school. ``Chili?'' No, thank you. I feel a compulsion to eat everything I take, and I don't want that much chili. The cashier gives me chili. I guess the cashier feels better giving me something. Well, fine. I get to eating. Near mid-meal I accept that the chili would give a nice tang to the fries and burger, and I open the packets. I use the whole thing.

Why don't I accept what I know I'll end up doing and take the chili right off? Because I'm a bundle of weird ticks and compulsions, and I should know better by now. At the least I could save the cashier the anxiety of a customer who won't take chili or ketchup.

The neon signs for the nearby arcade promise: ``Genie Funland'' -- in smaller lights -- ``Mechma Ter Snooker.'' It sounds like something a cartoon German says.

Today was a beautiful day. Heavy rains in the morning, but a sunny afternoon. Not too hot, not too muggy, nice steady breeze the whole day. It would be perfect if not for my anxiety about the papers I'm working on.

And last night I saw for the first time an episode of Invader Zim. It was all right, and didn't make my teeth hurt the way Jimmy Neutron or The Fairly Oddparents do, but I don't get the intense devotion it arouses. I'm told I surely must have just seen a mediocre episode (aliens abduct Zim and fuse him to a gopher; somebody or other debunks Chickenfoot) and that may be so. Friends whose opinion I trust like it a lot, but friends whose opinion I trusted liked Ren and Stimpy a lot, and I learned that lesson the hard way.

Trivia: In 1839 Pennsylvania had 947 miles of railroad track, the most of any of the United States. Source: The Story Of America's Railroads, Stewart H. Holbrook.

Currently Reading: Under the Black Flag: Expoits of the Most Notorious Pirates, Don C. Seitz.