May 20th, 2004

krazy koati

I'd like to teach the world to sing

I've been the tallest person in whatever crowd I was in, apart from my Christmas back home, for nearly a solid year now. So it was a bit startling to encounter a significantly taller person standing next to me at the snacks-and-drinks stall. Moreso when he stared at me, and addressed me. This is therefore how my day started with a Swede asking me, ``Do they have anything like Sprite here?''

The honest answer was I didn't know; but they have something called ``Sprite Ice''. I don't drink enough Sprite to know how it compares to the original. It's kind of a mouthwash-inspired soda. Not bad, mind, but it doesn't leave a lot of an impression. He couldn't find it (it was on the bottom shelf). So I picked a bottle for him. I hope he wasn't disappointed. And now whenever someone asks, ``Has a very large Swede ever approached you in the tropics to request Sprite?'' I can answer ``yes'' without having to lie anymore.

Myself, I got a half-liter bottle of Seasons iced tea; the cashier at the stand asked why I always stood it up on the carrying tray, rather than laying it on its side, which would make it much less likely to fall. I had absolutely no answer. I'm used to thinking of efficient ways of making, packing, and moving things; it's one of my many compulsions. I never thought to apply these skills to lunch.

You know, Bear in the Big Blue House has some cute costumes and puppets and what I think are purple otters. Still I think I would have been bored by the show when I was four years old. I'd certainly have wondered why the otters, if they do ott, didn't want to take baths in today's episode.

Trivia: Venus was known to the Greeks as ``Hesperos'' when it was in the evening sky and as ``Phosphoros'' when in the morning sky until Pythagoras of Samos brought to them the Babylonian discovery that both were the same planet. Source: Of Time, Space, and Other Things, Isaac Asimov.

Currently Reading: The Map That Changed The World, Simon Winchester.