May 26th, 2004

krazy koati

We're gonna have a good time

I'm having trouble filling out the easy online notification form for brief leaves. The form doesn't work at all in iCab or Safari; it only deigns to treat with Internet Explorer. The form is set up to be so interactive that its content changes as you start filling in blanks, so the thing never stops going to The Slowest Server On The Internet for new items to put in or change. If you're one of those fools who likes to read the whole form, gather information, and then fill it out, forget it. Also forget about scrolling; it can't cope with that. Also the server system wants your userid and password for every element of the pages, so woe to you if you don't have ``save this password'' turned on. I don't know what deluded notion of security demands such a check for every line of a web page. I'm going to give another try tomorrow and then call the computer center to point out the form is unusable.

The Changi Naval Base -- officially opened last weekend, though it first opened to ships three years ago -- will have an open house this weekend. I hope I remember to visit, even if the thought brings some Popeye cartoons to mind.

And I see in the cable magazine that next month Starhub adds a new channel, the Voice of America. It features riveting programming such as 39 and a half hours of C-Span on the weekends, McLaughlin One On One, Silicon Valley Business, and Newshour with Jim Lehrer, who I'd always (incorrectly) thought was Canadian. It's a premium channel, exactly like HBO.

Trivia: Apollo Applications Program manager George Mueller's first flight plan called for 29 flights between 1968 and 1971 -- six Saturn I-B, six Saturn V, and eight Apollo capsules built and launched per year. Source: Living and Working in Space: A History of Skylab, W. David Compton and Charles D. Benson. NASA SP-4208.

Currently Reading: European History, 1648-1789, Robert M. Rayner.