June 1st, 2004

krazy koati

You can be here by four-thirty

From the Department of Pretend Security: the Singapore MRT system has removed all trash bins from inside and around their stations. This will serve as a lesson to anyone planning nefarious and evil schemes that they'll have to wander as much as twenty meters away from the station to throw out the wrapper from their Vitamin C tablet.

In a slightly more realistic move for security they've hired guards to watch over stations and bus interchanges, with permission to wander around and ask people if they may check your bag please sir or madam (I hope they'll mean the ``check your bag'' as much as they mean the ``please'') and otherwise watch out for suspicious type suspect activity. I knew I should've been faster in my project to take pictures of all the stations and their vicinities. I believe -- I have to check -- I only have two more stations to photograph on the MRT lines, although my coverage of the Sengkang Southeast LRT line is spotty. I hope guards aren't assigned there; the LRT stations are frankly boring, and see little traffic.

Despite the new security guards, a child was injured on an escalator at Dhoby Ghaut when his arm got caught by the guard rail. It took twenty minutes to free him; naturally, this all was during the morning rush hour. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates -- and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention accepts -- that in the United States alone around seven thousand people are injured each year on escalators, and not one of them receives a minute of honest sympathy from any of their friends.

Trivia: Dhoby Ghaut is named for the Bengali and Madrasi dhobis (Hindi for ``washers'') who used to wash clothes for local residents along the ghaut (Hindi for ``riverbank''). Source: Street Names of Singapore, Peter K G Dunlop.

Currently Reading: The Wanderer, Fritz Leiber. I am putting this on my list to make a formal review about, as the book should be of interest to furry audiences.