June 9th, 2004

krazy koati

Who's got the sweetest disposition

Just a dull day with not much happening, I'm afraid. I've been trying to pull together (numerical) experimental results and pick out the slides I need to present next week, which is a process of frustration mixed with aggravation as there's always something missing or just a little bit wrong -- an artistic temperament just doesn't work with fresh-off-the-numerically-intensive-cluster data sets -- and the parents have one of those dial-up ISPs with the built-in random disconnect feature. I've said it before, I'll say it again, you'd think at least one dial-up ISP would have hit on the commercial possibilities of not being unimaginably awful.

Otherwise it's all routine things. The cleaning ladies showed up and as is their wont, cleaned the place and hid every bar of soap that had been in the bathrooms. We don't know why they do this. My parents have asked them not to -- they come early, so I only see them half-asleep -- but if there's one thing they know how to do, besides clean, it's remove any traces of soap from the house. An obsessive-compulsive temperament just doesn't work with a house lacking soap.

And the smaller, stupider cat ran out of the house when the wind blew the front door open. She hid under one of the bushes the little baby bunny's used, hissed at me for trying to pick her up, then disappeared off into the kitty dimension until she got around back to scratch to be let in again. She doesn't understand that she can enter either door, which is really fine, as it makes it easier to catch her. Just wait long enough and she'll start scratching at the back door, wondering why she can't push the glass sliding door open the way she can the screen door.

Oh, and it's Donald Duck's 70th Birthday, if you count from his debut in ``The Wise Little Hen''. Thus the otherwise non sequitur subject line.

Trivia: The United States Senate agreed in May 1795 to consider the House of Representative's bill to sponsor experiments on reform of weights and measures standards. It never did. Source: Measuring America: How the United States was shaped by the greatest land sale in history, Andro Linklater.

Currently Reading: Ascending, James Alan Gardner.