June 14th, 2004

krazy koati

Looking like a bear -- yay

So Saturday I met up with rcoony and spengler. After a quick tour of my parent's home (it has, basically, five rooms) and the surroundings (a water trap for a golf course) we started figuring out what to do. We'd planned ahead of time to perhaps visit The Book Garden -- a wonderful place, a combination florist's, used book store, and comic book shop -- and then go see a movie. After quite some time puttering around and looking up movie theaters online we decided to go to a movie and then maybe The Book Garden. We're not an efficient decision-making team.

We went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I haven't seen the other Harry Potter movies, or read the books; all of what I know about the shows I'd picked up by osmosis, kind of the way I know anything about Lord of the Rings. It's perhaps because of this that I ended up completely lost at the big climactic scene in the Screaming Shack in when character after character explained how everybody else had it wrong, this was the real story, and I knew the real location of the Second Foundation.

Despite getting lost there, I had great fun. The movie was filled with a lot of endearing touches, and even if the time sequence of events seemed off I'm glad I went to see it. I managed to avoid all but one whispered comment to rcoony during the whole movie (when the Monster Book of Monsters attacked I pointed out I had the same experience with Real Analysis), and broke down only for the credits. The footprints in the credits were a lot of good little jokes for a simple premise.

As we entered the theater there was a giant inflatable Garfield doll with slightly punctured sunglasses listing dangerously to port. I'd say it was the most horrible thing I saw during the day, and that's counting a transformation fan-fiction story I read earlier in the day that started with an apology for being about such a weird topic. I imagine I'll skip Garfield: The Movie when it gets to Singapore too.

Later we went driving and found The Book Garden was closed. That's a shame; it's one of my favorite places. But I'll be back soon enough, really. After more driving we ate at a Mexican restaurant -- I didn't realize how much food I was ordering -- and drove back to my parents place to play Activision and Intellivision games on spengler's Playstation 2. Many of these games were endearing in one way or another, but there were a lot of them for which we couldn't figure out what the intended game object was. Maybe it made more sense in 1983.

Trivia: At least 23 of Paul Gaugin's drawings were destroyed by rats. Source: The Lure of the Exotic: Gaugin in New York Collections, Cota Ives, Susan Alyson Stein, with Charlote Hale, and Marjorie Shelley.

Currently Reading: Star Trek Log Nine, Alan Dean Foster. That's the novelization of the cartoon series episode with the modular Commander Ari bn Bem, with a new piece visiting Bem's planet of jigsaw-puzzle people to solve a really not very complicated mystery.