June 15th, 2004

krazy koati

We cannot sing above the ground

One more quick anecdote, before I leave for a (non-furry) conference and uncertain Internet access.

My mother was naturally curious what we'd done on Saturday; I mentioned going to see the Harry Potter movie. She was delighted; she wanted to know how much I enjoyed it. I mentioned that I did have a pretty good time, but got lost in the Screaming Shack and since I never saw the other movies or read the books I was at a loss for most of the context --

That was enough. Her eyes lit up and she said I should certainly read them; I was sure to enjoy them. Before I knew what was happening she had found books number 1 and 5 and put them on the coffee table -- she mentioned the books were getting longer as Rowling progressed -- and she went back to find numbers 2 and 3, and she then spent five minutes or so trying to find number four. She promised that it'd be plenty of reading material to keep me happy for the next month, though.

I've seen that look, that sort of activity, that zeal to share something before. I just ... didn't suspect my mother had a streak of fanboy in her.

Trivia: In 1926 Rutgers University had 21 administrators -- the president, six deans, and fourteen others, including treasurer, librarian, and head of buildings and grounds. Source: The Rutgers Picture Book, Michael Moffatt.

Currently Reading: Star Trek Log Nine, Alan Dean Foster.