June 19th, 2004

krazy koati

But you can never leave

I left Southern California today. My first flight of the day was from Ontario Airport to Los Angeles International. These airports are closer together than the opposite ends of the Crossgates Mall in Colonie, New York, are. The scheduled flight duration was 30 minutes. It was worth 500 frequent flier miles. It was actually about ten minutes, barely enough time to get above the clouds and enjoy the Laputa-like scene of mountains floating on a cloud cover. I'll describe more, including my brush with the law, when I've had time to sleep. It was, though, my first time flying in a propeller-driven airplane, which wasn't dramatically different but was a novelty.

Trivia: Salvador Dali's first one-man exhibition was in Barcelona in 1921, at the Dalmau Gallery. His works included classical, Cubist, and Purist paintings. Source: Salvador Dali, Jessica Hodge.

Currently Reading: The Thurb Revolution, Alexei Panshin.