June 22nd, 2004

krazy koati

Didn't get to bed last night

Heading out. My plane leaves in under ten hours. Have to sleep.

Up until Saturday night I would have said -- and in fact did say, repeatedly -- that my flight was Monday morning. While driving back from Newark Saturday night my parents asked me to check exactly what time it was, when I discovered that I had the time of day correct, but was one day off on when the flight would actually leave.

It's a good thing I double-checked. While I like being early for checking in and such, a full day in Newark International Airport could be dangerously soul-draining, even if they have got some nice bagel places. Singapore's Changi Airport is a more generally fun place to hang out. And that's only an MRT and a bus ride away. (One MRT transfer needed, at Tanah Merah Interchange.)

Trivia: Microwaveable popcorn in a bag was included in a patent from Percy Lebaron Spencer, who invented the microwave oven after a fortunate accident. Source: ``Eureka,'' Ken Chowder, Smithsonian September 2003.

Currently Reading: Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Walter Isaacson.