June 25th, 2004

krazy koati

Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend

Among little changes immediately apparent on returning: Channel 5 has added the Olympic Rings to its channel bug. By one of those odd standards things channel bugs are generally on the top of the screen here; Channel 5 now has their opaque 5 on the right-hand top, and transparent rings on the left-hand top. Meanwhile Channel i (also a broadcast station) has moved their bug to the left-hand top; up to last month it was on the right top. Channel i's sister Mandarin (broadcast) station Channel u is still on the right top. Further details when one turns interesting.

Meanwhile on campus the wireless networking is being more difficult than it used to be. I don't know if they fiddled with something while I was away (they did put the local wireless antenna inside a security box) or if it was my upgrading to OS X 10.3.4 that did it. I can get my essential-to-work Internet services by ethernet cable, though not niceties like the American Council for the Blind's Old-Time Radio web broadcasts. In any case, I'm really, really tired of spending any part of my life playing stupid games to get a network to network, and today's extreme server slowness getting through to Livejournal isn't a funny little topper. Look, I know a bunch of my friends who read this are in Silicon Valley. So I'm telling you: get this stuff straightened out. I'll give you to the second of July, and if I miss the next installment of Gracie Allen's 1940 run for President (she ran on the Surprise Party ticket; their mascot was a kangaroo, and while she didn't win the Presidency she was named mayor of Menomonee, Michigan) I'll have very harsh words for you all.

Trivia: It's believed ice cream was first eaten in Martinique on March 6, 1806. Source: The Frozen-Water Trade, Gavin Weightman.

Currently Reading: The Sunless World, Neil R. Jones.