June 26th, 2004

krazy koati

Whoa whoa whoa oh what a feeling

Kids notice things, if I may state the obvious. While walking past a parking lot1 I heard a mother and her maybe four-year-old having roughly this conversation: ``And what kind is that?'' ``Honda!'' shouted the kid. ``And what kind is that?'' ``Honda!'' ``And what kind is that?'' ``Honda!'' Then a little concrete-and-lawn island. ``And what kind is that?'' ``Toyota!'' ``And what kind is that?'' ``Toyota!'' ``And what kind is that?'' ``Toyota!''

And, goodness, they were right. The cars were segregated into a Honda section, a Toyota section, a Hyundai section ... is this a sign of bigotry in the car lanes, or hints of a previously-unsuspected herding instinct common to passenger vehicles? No, of course, it's just chance, but it is a neat coincidence anyway.

Down at the plaza, the line dancers were there again; as I passed, they were dancing to Chris de Brugh's The Lady In Red, which, yeah, tops the un-line-danceability of previous efforts like Elton John's The Circle of Life.

Meanwhile, sorry I haven't taken the time to collect my pictures of California for a neat little photo essay. I take pictures at humongous file sizes, so I have (when they turn out) great details, but it does add a step before I can put them into story form. I will get to them, though, particularly so I can outline the similarities and differences between a furry convention and a mathematics convention.

1 Like many parking lots here, most of the spaces are tiled with cement rings with grass planted inside. Thus the area is both a parking lot and reasonably green space. Quite recommended to urban planners for parking lots expected to usually have excess capacity.

Trivia: Among the tests taken in phase two of Mercury Project astronaut selection were the Miller Analogies Test, the Minnesota Engineering Analogies Test, the Doppelt Mathematical Reasoning Test, and the Stanford Binet IQ Test. Source: For Spacious Skies: The Uncommon Journey of a Mercury Astronaut, Scott Carpenter and Kris Stoever.

Currently Reading: Dolphin Island, Arthur C Clarke.