July 1st, 2004

krazy koati

Sing the praises of pants

I need to find slacks my size sometime this weekend. I'll be sure to make this hard; I barely know where to buy clothes in the U.S. (K Mart, usually) and never tried here. I'm also not sure whether I need them by Tuesday or Thursday. I was cordially invited to a commencement exercise of some kind that's Tuesday, but I got the invitation after the RSVP deadline. I sent e-mail saying I would, if I could still, but haven't heard back whether there'll be a place for me. In any case I have decent shirts, but not slacks. Those I left back in the U.S. since, hey, how often do I have to dress up here? Tuesday or possibly Thursday will be the first time.

While waiting at the bus stop a young man stood, a few feet away, hands at his sides, looking at me; then he called out ``hhhHHHHAAAAhhhhnnn'' once, and then stood still. I have to assume he was making some comment directed at somebody behind me, or possibly suffering a startling but brief allergy attack. In any case it's odder than usual for my bus stop encounters.

And I came home to find the 1990 Dick Tracy movie on, which always cheers me up. Even if I didn't like the story I'd have the delicious visual design to enjoy. Catch Good Sleestak Enik (Walker Edmiston) as one of the radio announcers.

Trivia: Jupiter's Great Red Spot was not recognized to be a (reasonably) permanent phenomenon until the 1870s. Source: Jupiter, the Largest Planet, Isaac Asimov.

Currently Reading: The Space Shuttle Decision, 1965-1972, T. A. Heppenheimer.