July 8th, 2004

krazy koati

But the crowd still cheers

The odd thing at this second Commencement ceremony to be graced with my presence was not that they had a guy in a big teddy-bear-wearing-robes mascot. The co-op has long sold ``graduate teddy bears'' and when the graduates and parents are around and it's a good chance to sell them from pocketbook sizes up to ones the size of a small child. The odd thing is they didn't have him around after the ceremony, when graduates might get their picture taken with him. Wouldn't you get your graduation pictures taken with a guy in a bear mascot costume who's himself in cap and gown?

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And in silly endurance-contest news: contestants at Plaza Singapura hope to win up to S$20,000 in prizes from air-conditioner maker Fujitsu by standing the challenge of staying awake and standing for 72 hours in the Cold Room, wearing only shorts in a room at the chilling temperature of ... 18 degrees Celsius. (Contestants are allowed brief breaks to warm up, and go to the bathroom.) You no doubt recall that just days ago Plaza Singapura was one of the ends of the new Guinness Book of World Records-certified Longest Satay Ever. You all knew Plaza Singapura was the place to be.

Trivia: The ancient Egyptians regarded the Sphinx as a benevolent creature personifying the fruit-bearing earth, and representing wisdom and knowledge. Source: Who's Who In Mythology: A Classic Guide to the Ancient World, Alexander S. Murray.

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