July 22nd, 2004

krazy koati

And hamsters turn on frequently

The week's turning out pretty entertaining. Last night Channel i showed Fierce Creatures. It's an amusing film about zookeepers resisting new corporate overlords. I recommend it, not just because the lemurs get a gun. Also not just because the zookeepers are in fursuits for the last third of the film. And not just because, while the characters do ridiculous things, they don't do stupid things. No, it's because of Susie, one of the coatis held up as an example of the sort of irresistibly cute animal that doesn't fit the new ``dangerous animals only'' policy. (I think zoo attendees are drawn to animals that do interesting even if not dangerous things, but I'm not management.) Also there's a wonderful moment about ``making contact''.

The costumes reminded me of some poor souls I saw at the Singapore Zoo ambling about as Tony the Tiger and other breakfast cereal mascots. From what I gather being in a fursuit is marking time until heat stroke; I can't imagine what it takes to survive on the equator in the midday sun while wearing eight feet of synthetic fur as kids hug you.

Tuesday, Central showed Blazing Saddles with an even more schizoid view of what Words May Not Be Said On Broadcast TV than the U.S. typically manages. Disney Channel wants everyone to know they have Atlantis 2: Milo's Return, in case somebody suddenly cares. Also on Central recently or soon: Sleeper and Young Frankenstein.

Trivia: The Lunar Orbiter satellite high-resolution cameras had a 610 mm lens, and used Kodak SO-243 film. Source: Destination Moon: A History of the Lunar Orbiter Program, Bruce K. Byers. NASA TM X-3487.

Currently Reading: Quest of the Three Worlds, Cordwainer Smith.