August 3rd, 2004

krazy koati

Take those old records off the shelf

Early report; I may be gone this evening. Parent's got tickets to a Skitch Henderson concert, surprising me. I don't think I thought he'd died, but I didn't particularly think he was alive either. There's quantum indeterminacy to it.

A Georges Méliès film: Méliès stands between two tables. He takes his head off, puts it on the left table, and grows a new head. He takes that off and puts it on the right. He grows a new head that he takes off and puts on the left. He takes out a banjo; the four heads (separately) sing, plainly out of tune. He smashes the ones on the left with his banjo, and throws the one on the right away. Méliès walks forward, out of focus, Fin. Four Troublesome Heads, 1898. That's far from his only ``cheerful dismemberment'' film, all done by multiple-exposure shots. Wow.

He's in Living Dollsfor a surfeit of films with statues, mannequins, drawings, and playing cards becoming live women, and (often) taunting Méliès, transforming as he approaches. The whimsy's marvelous, but I'm awed by doing this with only multiple-exposure shots and stop-substitutions. I want to know this better.

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, at the Statue of Liberty Reopening preempting The Price Is Right: ``The Statue of Liberty is officially [ BLEEEEEEEEEP ]'' -- WCBS claimed ``technical difficulties''; I think Tom Ridge got him just before he fessed up about the ``reliable and credible evidence terrorists are gonna put explosive boogers in your handkerchief'' nonsense.

Trivia: France stopped maintaining the Maginot Line in 1964. Source: Maginot Line: Myth and Reality, Anthony Kemp.

Currently Reading: The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary, Simon Winchester.