August 19th, 2004

krazy koati

All we are saying

On the way to the Grinning Gecko -- an outdoor café -- I spotted this graffiti. One almost hates to note the fellow painted the peace symbol upside-down, and based on the red paint got it wrong on the second try. Singapore's a very graffiti-free place; there's pen scribbles on bus seats or atop the Chinese Garden tower, but spray-painted stuff is almost unknown. When I first got here it was six weeks before I saw my first graffiti, spray-painted on an unused steel girder at a construction site: ``I Love Singapore.'' It must be the act of rebellion more than the message.

As Singapore apparently has no words for ``liability law'' here's the peace sign from another angle. The huge unguarded ditch is on purpose, to carry away heavy rains. (Last night had a lovely storm, that blew stuff all over my apartment for twenty minutes.) These stairs lead to the library (on left); the ``peace'' sign is on the wall almost perpendicular to the camera. To get to the library you climb up these stairs, then another three flights. I bet the architect got an award for putting the entrance on the fifth floor. Opposite the library and roughly north is the Computer Centre. Roughly south is empty space and, somewhere, a McDonald's.

I edited down to ten pages an article based on that Pomona talk. I love rewriting, but nobody should have to squeeze five pages out of fifteen (particularly much of the paper is unshrinkable pictures). I've trimmed the manuscript to 180 pages (from about 210) in the past month as well.

Trivia: Isaac Asimov fell in love with Walt Kelly's Pogo when the comic strip began in 1948, and cut out and pasted each strip into scrapbooks. Source: In Memory Yet Green, Isaac Asimov.

Currently Reading: The Railroads of the Confederacy, Robert C. Black III.