August 26th, 2004

krazy koati

There is someone waiting who will hurry up and rescue you

Finally the egg shortage makes itself felt in my microworld -- the western food stand at the canteen near my office has announced they won't serve any of the egg-based breakfasts for the time being. This would affect me if I had ever been awake early enough to find them serving breakfast; as far as I can tell they start lunch at maybe 8:30 a.m.

One of my students posted to the class forum about feeling miserable (from not being sure whether it's recitation or computer lab this week, which seems like overreacting). Another student's response: ``Everyone is feeling as miserable, but come on, this is university'' ... I'm not trying to make anyone miserable, I'm just teaching for loops.

You know what makes a night ideal, like last night was on Spindizzy? When a group inside the ring I'm in commutes with everything. (The mathematics majors out there just snickered but have elements to quibble with.) Or it's one like last night with several chances to pun in abstract algebra. (I also got to blather about my not-to-be career as a science fiction writer.)

Trivia: Harvard College graduated fewer students between 1790 and 1800 than it did during the Revolutionary War. Source: The March of Democracy, James Truslow Adams.

Currently Reading: We Can Build You, Philip K Dick. The first words uttered by a carefully reconstructed Abraham Lincoln android are ... unintelligible; they wired the machine wrong and it spoke backwards. That's just so ... true to exciting new projects.