August 28th, 2004

krazy koati

We don't need no education

In searching for the bizarre films of Georges Méliès I found Facets Video published Méliès the Magician. I asked HMV Customer Service if I can order it, and -- I can and can't. They have a listing, whatever that is (explaining problems without explaining them is common here too; it seems to mean they could order it), but it's not approved by the Board of Film Censors (this was explained; they can't sell it). It's not rejected, mind; it's just not entered.

I imagine (HMV won't guess) this means nobody's wanted to buy the DVD enough to get a decision from the Board. It's dangerous to rouse napping bureaucracies, but I'm tempted to write them and ask. I imagine the documentary material and the historic value, and the comic-fantasy content, would make it pass, but what do I know?

Mind, bureaucracies in Singapore tend to be rational. In four years I've had only one stupid problem (I had to turn in my green card in Singapore to get my green card to enter Singapore) and that was resolved easily (I went to the consulate in Manhattan; and then visited the South Street Seaport and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is not the most efficient tour, but it was more fun and quicker than mailing the card in). Whereas I've lost track of the psychotic rages just the RPI Provost's office has inspired. We shall see if I do anything or if I just forget it in time.

Trivia: Snoopy's first birthday party was 28 August 1951. Source: Peanuts strip of 28 August 1951; reprinted in The Complete Peanuts, 1950 to 1952, Charles Schulz.

Currently Reading: Cyberdog: Live Objects on the Internet, Joe Kissell and David McKee. It's a guide to Cyberdog, the most cuddly web browser ever, from way back in the mid-90s. The authors also try to explain OpenDoc, which I still don't get past ``you can put a pie chart in a word processor file, which is good for some reason''.