August 30th, 2004

krazy koati

Look out when he storms through

At McDonald's I had a choice of one-person lines to get in. Before I could, a tiny woman in McDonald's suit came up and asked my order ... uh ... all right; she clicked her Palm Pilot and gave me a small Post-It Note with a number scribbled on it. Thus was I introduced to Wireless Big Mac Meals. I still had to wait for a cashier, show my Note, and verify my order before anyone prepared it, and thus I began to doubt the whole Wireless Big Mac Meal concept.

Also I noted the plasma-screen monitor reported ``this program had performed an illegal operation and had to be shut down''. I think all people everywhere are united in smugly giggling whenever Windows machines respond to the challenge of displaying today's Anagram Challenge by crashing.

With an Extra Value Meal one might buy a Sonic the Hedgehog mini-video game -- a controller and LCD screen for Knuckles Basketball or Tails Soccer. I'd thought Sonic phased out of existence at the end of the 90s, like Day Traders and X-Files fans. All I'd seen of them lately was someone creating Sonic on spindizzy_muck and playing for a week, then getting idle-purged. Featured besides recognizable figures were some I'd previously assumed were fan fiction characters like Shadow, Charmy, and Rouge.

Trivia: Apollo 10 had the first shaving in space. Source: We Have Capture, Thomas P. Stafford and Michael Cassutt.

Currently Reading: Rutgers: A Bicentennial History, Richard P. McCormick. It's weird hearing names like Milledoler, Demarest, and Waksman as people. Selman Waksman I knew discovered streptomycin, but I'd never seen Philip Milledoler past ``there was a cool student takeover there'' or William Demarest past ``isn't that a River Dorm?''