September 3rd, 2004

krazy koati

If I was a turtle in a pond, I'd lie there all day long

I see many strange things in Singapore -- squid on burgers, elaborate ceramic depictions of Hell, bird's nest tea -- but today I saw one of the strangest, in a computer lab: somebody was programming in Logo. I couldn't find out what the project was for, as it was from some other class and left as my students gathered, but ... wow. What's next, Pilot 2005? SpeedScript 4.0?

The miscellaneous Sale near the canteen featured a tempting display of books. If I had more spare cash I might have picked up Elvis Lived in Katong, about the ``personal Singaporean Eurasian experience.'' They also had a mix of things like Dave Barry is from Venus And Mars, and Protect Yourself From Psychic Aura Attacks. You don't get that sort of grab-bag enough. Another stand had Lava Lamp ripoffs that had no waxy ``lava'' inside, but rather had little mylar squares that didn't circulate so much. Because, you know, the ``lava'' isn't the important part of a Lava Lamp.

I haven't yet seen the Star Trek Season One DVD set, but it's only been for sale in the U.S. since Tuesday. That's fine, though, since I haven't time to watch it anyway. I hear the release of the Star Trek: Generations DVD was halted, allegedly due to an error with the boxes. I suspect somebody pointed out Generations isn't a movie, but rather a collection of scenes abutting one another.

Trivia: Flymenafyrmth, in Anglo-Saxon law, was the offense of harboring outlaws or fugitives. Source: The History Today Companion to British History, Edited by Juliet Gardiner and Neil Wenborn.

Currently Reading: Science and Method, Henri Poincaré.