September 6th, 2004

krazy koati

Forward backward, inward outward, here we go again

I bought a 1:125 scale Ariane 5 model out of a compulsive need to build something. I didn't get a Saturn V as I could paint the Ariane, except for details not obvious to casual looks, with just spray paint. I haven't found black paint-markers here, essential to the Saturn V. My only attempt to ever use a basic ``Your First Airbrush Kit'' was a phenomenal failure. I couldn't aerosolize one drop of paint. That store had said it was impossible to use the set wrong; they underestimated the mind of a mathematics grad student. So I need kits with very simple paint schemes.

The decals will challenge me -- the hotter the water the better for the decals, and I can't heat water in my apartment. The power company refused to turn on gas to my stove; I don't have a microwave or hotplate. All I might use is a toaster oven. Can you toast water? I mean without it being weird?

Trivia: During the U.S.'s involvement in World War II Detroit made 139 (civilian) automobiles. Source: Why The Allies Won, Richard Overy.

Currently Reading: Hijacking Enigma: The Insider's Tale, Christine Large. It's about the wartime Bletchley Park work, and the investigation of the 1 April 2000 theft of Enigma machine G-312 from there. There's a prize for the first 312 who can solve three questions. First: What is the common factor in the chapter headings? Let's see ... some chapter headings are ``Alice Digs In'', ``A mock turtle'', ``Serpent!'', ``Lobster quadrille'' ... hm ... and what was the only book, a favorite reference for codebreaker Dilly Knox, mentioned in the text? Ah. Question two: How do the chapter headings relate to Dilly Knox? Oh. Third: What is the significance of the annual grand prize draw date of 1st April?

All in all, this really wasn't too difficult a case for Inspector Bazalo.