September 14th, 2004

krazy koati

I got you, babe

Cinemax Asia just had a Free Preview Weekend. Singapore cable hasn't nearly the diversity of channels the U.S. has. The pay-movie (English) choices are HBO, Cinemax, and Star Movies. I've subscribed to Star, for little reason; it seems every time I look they're showing Groundhog Day.

The Preview didn't impress me; the first time I checked they had Dopey Action Movie With Inauthentic-Looking Archeologists Shooting Stuff, reminding one how tired we all are of CGI armies. Star had Muppet Treasure Island. That evening Cinemax showed Dopey Action Movie With Inauthentic-Looking Detectives Shooting Stuff, reminding one how tired we all are of rapid cutting. Star had Groundhog Day.

There's curious new digital channels, like Turner Classic Movies (years ago it channel-shared with Cartoon Network; they had ``turning off'' and ``turning on'' sequences) and MGM. Also Deutche Welle, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Discovery H&L Channel. I think that's one of those arts-crafts-and-food channels my parents love that I wouldn't watch under threat of torture. There's also ESPN Cricket, and E!. Things could be worse, and in fact, they are. There's Reality TV channel. A billboard announced Animax, all anime, but it's not in the cable magazine.

In my mailbox was a flyer from ``Liberal Air-Conditioning and Engineering.'' Seems like the start of a comedy bit.

Trivia: Condors can cruise 60 miles without flapping their wings. Source: 1982 Guinness Book of World Records, Norris McWirther.

Currently Reading: A Wodehouse Bestiary, P.G. Wodehouse. A fellow explains his gorilla career: ``A friend of mine in the circus business suggested to me that the gorilla field was not overcrowded. Plenty of room at the top was his expression. And I must say,'' said the gorilla, ``I've done pretty well at it. The initial expenditure comes high, of course -- you don't get a skin like this for nothing -- but there's virtually no overhead.''