September 24th, 2004

krazy koati

Strung out on a midnight tram

The cable car ride between Sentosa Island (a resort and amusement island, with a fort) and Mount Faber (highest point in Singapore, which isn't that high) caught a technical glitch yesterday, slowing it down so the ordinarily seven-minute ride took about a half hour. Riders weren't too inconvenienced; most enjoyed the extra time above Keppel Harbour, and besides there was a cruise ship with a live band underneath.

Naturally I missed it; while I did get to the island, I took my cable-car ride just before the problem. I enjoyed watching the Christmas-lights around the car ahead of me blinking, travelling into the night sky and the lightning. I only got to Fort Siloso, the beach, Rasa Sentosa inn, Volcanoland, the Sky Tower, and the Giant Merlion. I'll have to go back for Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, and the Maritime Museum. More on Sentosa anon, particularly Volcanoland --

Which was odd. If I may borrow the ``Uncanny Valley'' idea (suspicious as I am about catchy-named explanations of human behavior) -- it seems a successful goofy project has to be outlandish enough. If it's not intensely silly enough, you get as in Volcanoland an audience simply stunned. Eighteen people looked about asking asking, ``What was that?'' If the show were less goofy it'd be fine; if it were more goofy we'd have giggled along; as it was we were left baffled. How campy do you have to be for it to catch? I'll describe the oddness in detail later if I don't forget.

Trivia: Sentosa Island means ``island of peace and tranquility.'' This must be regarded as a step up from the island's pre-1972 name, ``Pulau Blakang Mati,'' which means, ``island of death to those left behind.'' Source: Street Names of Singapore, Dunlop Street.

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