September 25th, 2004

krazy koati

Drug me or jail me; stamp me and mail me

No whimsy today; I'm too angry after a night spent dealing with people who feel they deserve to be stomped on and beaten up since it happens all the time, and my anger at the people who stomp and beat them. I'm particularly angry at the Something Awful/Portal of Evil/UEI type who harassed a friend's nascent Livejournal. I want that sort to suffer for all the good things they've strangled and all the kind people they've terrorized; and I don't like feeling vengeful. It's bad for my soul.

I hope today's more pleasant, when I just have to think up a speech for the argon_centaur and Mavra wedding ceremony on spindizzy_muck. Apparently I've earned a reputation for giving heartfelt, Captain Kirk-like speeches touching just the right emotions; I'd take anybody's insight to what to say. It's to be my first officiating of a muck marriage, and the first time in years I've been to one. Usually I wonder if bride, groom, and minister will ever be connected simultaneously.

While I got to rub against the G5 iMacs, I got back late and missed most of Pinocchio; I hope I can catch the rerun tomorrow noon. I also wonder if the donkey transformation scene is the inspiration for the transformation-art cliché of the animal tail -- for most species a soft, flexible, fluffy thing -- tearing through the former human's clothing.

Trivia: The Gregorian calendar year 1100 AD contains no Orthodox Christmas. Source: Calendrical Calculations, Edward M. Reingold, Machum Dershowitz.

Currently Reading: The Left Hand of the Electron, Isaac Asimov.