October 5th, 2004

krazy koati

Are you happy in your work

One of the contestants on You Bet Your Life over the old-time radio station told Groucho she moved to a new state almost every year as a child, because her father was a manufacturer. ``What did he manufacture, counterfeit bills?'' No: the wax paper that goes between raw hamburger patties. It's been plaguing my brain since.

How many people does the hamburger wax paper manufacturing industry employ? How does a person get into that career? I have to conclude it's by accident, but what chain of accidents take you to that point? And why would its economics require a person to move almost yearly? Who was the first person to cut wax paper for hamburger patties for resale, rather than to meet one's own need? Who are the giants of hamburger wax paper manufacturing history?

These are all questions I feel I cannot answer.

One of the alien experiments on Lilo and Stitch: The Unneeded But Not Too Bad Series seems to have the power to spoil the ends of movies. I guess it's high-concept evil. Many of the experiments are pretty cute.

And, alas, fun as SpaceShip One last night was, we also lost another Mercury astronaut. We've only got Scott Carpenter, John Glenn, and Walter Schirra left.

Trivia: At the outbreak of the Civil War, the New Jersey State Arsenal consisted of two cannon captured at Yorktown in 1781; one cannon taken at the Battle of Trenton in 1776; 11,000 rusted flintlock muskets; and no ammunition. Governor Charles S. Olden ordered Trenton Company A to guard them. Source: New Jersey: America's Main Road, John T Cunningham.

Currently Reading: Chariots for Apollo, Charles R. Pellegrino and Joshua Stoff.