October 9th, 2004

krazy koati

The band begins at ten to six

It'll have to be an early and I'm afraid brief report today. This evening I'm one of the many invited guests to the Faculty of Science 75th Anniversary Dinner. I'm not sure of all the events that will go on, but there's to be exhibitions of some kind, a buffet dinner, some Distinguished Alumni Awards, and some sort of special laser show at the Fortune Fountain. This is a really quite large fountain that's supposed to be, at least at construction, the largest fountain in Asia (I think; possibly the world). The only time I've had the chance to visit that spot before they had the main fountain off, and just a dinky little token fountain on in the inside.

The evening's to conclude with karaoke. I don't know that I'll last that long (it goes after midnight), but we shall see.

The dress code is ``Casual party dress, but no shorts, no slippers. Staff are encouraged to come in blue outfits.'' Fortunately, I have pants which fit this time, so all I have to do is wear grown-up shoes and all should be smooth on my part. I was invited, of course, because they asked everybody in the school, and I always leap at this sort of thing. My invitation says my seat's reserved for two tables; I assume that means I'm to choose between two tables when I finally arrive, and that they're not making a crack about my bulk.

Trivia: The 1925 law establishing the modern Persian calendar provides for leap years, but gives no rule for when to schedule them. Source: Calendrical Calculations, Edward M. Reingold and Nachum Dershowitz.

Currently Reading: The Halfling and other stories, Leigh Brackett.