October 17th, 2004

krazy koati

For a pocketful of mumbles such are promises

  • 2: Number of strange musical events today. The first was a street musician singing Simon and Garfunkel's ``The Boxer''. His voice reached notes about three-quarters the distance from middle C that that they're intended, so the song came out ... not flat, but deflated. He also clenched his eyes shut as he strummed the guitar. Singaporean street musicians clench their eyes; I don't know why. I think they think it makes them look more musical. While there are songs whose performance is enhanced by clenched eyes, nothing by Simon and Garfunkel is. The other odd event was a light jazzy version of ``Let It Snow'' playing in the theater inside. The season and the latitude just don't work for it.
  • 5: Number of movies I have seen in theaters this year, a personal high for any one year.
  • 3: Number of trailers for other movies seen.
  • 15: Number of minutes I sat waiting through commercials before I got up and asked a manager, ``Are there any plans to show a movie in theater six anytime today?''
  • 3: Number of separate instances of the manager assuring me the movie starts just after this commercial.
  • 18: Total number of minutes spent in commercials.
  • 0: Number of answers manager had to my question, ``In what way is this at all the slightest bit acceptable?'' I get verbose when I'm furious.
  • 125: Amount in U.S. dollars of the bill for my time I am sending Golden Village Cinemas.
  • 3: Number of letters I intend to send to consumer affairs agencies or newspapers complaining about this. My goal here is to force somebody at Golden Village to spend at least three times as long dealing with me.

Trivia: Georges Méliès made over 500 movies; under a quarter are known to exist. Source: Living Dolls, Gaby Wood.

Currently Reading: The Rise of the Great Powers 1648-1815, Derek McKay and H.M. Scott.