October 21st, 2004

krazy koati

And I'll never have that recipe again

I'm surprised by my indifference to Dave Barry's announced yearlong writing hiatus. When I began learning how to write for pleasure his was one of the writing styles I imitated to learn from. I've gone on to imitating other people, like Robert Benchley, and it has been years since I worried about missing a column, or book.

Powell's Books had an interview with him and Ridley Pearson about their prequel to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. It sounds interesting, and I liked Barry's novels. I'm just not sure the world of Peter Pan needs more explanation. I liked their comment they didn't try to make their style consistent with Barrie, because nobody has read Barrie's book.

Chive Gourmet, the nearest western food stand, closed for good today. I suspected trouble -- they'd been closing early or not opening lately -- but this was the first notice they were shutting down. Too bad; they had good fish and chips. To use up stock they added a hot dog or hash brown (or, by the menu, ``hushbrown'') to meals for 20 cents.

Also Knotted Note Radio, an old-time-radio drama Internet station, is closing come November. Rats.

Trivia: The wrench and the screwdriver first appeared in Europe around 1550. Source: New York Public Library Desk Reference, Paul Fargis and Sheree Bykofsky.

Currently Reading: The Best of Edmond Hamilton, Edmond Hamilton.

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