November 5th, 2004

krazy koati

That's how we keep you young and fair

Another seminar I haven't had time to attend, even though the posters warn it to be ``An essential workshop not to be missed!!! (sic)'' -- Grooming In Your Career. The description:

First impressions count more than we think they do.  The power of a positive image is limitless.  ``Grooming in Your Career'' is a talk centered on how the way we dress and present ourselves can make a difference in our quest for success.  [ ... A ] grooming expert from Shiseido will show you how to make yourself stand out in a crowd of wannabes and leave a mark, whether you are interviewing for a job or internship, or whether you seek to make yourself remembered during any important event.   If you think it’s the usual make up advice that applies just to girls – no, it’s much more than that!  Guys will find it just as useful.  So what are you waiting for?  Equip yourself for success!  Register now! 

I wanted to go, at least to see if the speaker is grainy black-and-white footage from Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, nattering on while chipper pizzicato from string instruments and quips from Tom Servo fill the background. I'm also curious whether Shiseido is a place, a company, a cult, a clique, or just an anagram for ``Odie hiss,'' a problem many audiophiles confront watching Garfield and Friends.

Meanwhile the hook for my shower massage is broken -- the shower head drops down -- but I don't feel like my apartment's clean enough to ask maintenance over to fix it. Also after an hour of the office elevator being fixed yesterday, the doors still open like they were trying out for Star Trek V.

Trivia: Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed the Gloucestershire Box Tunnel, at the time the world's longest railroad tunnel, so the rising sun shone along its entire length on 9 April, his birthday. Source: A Thread Across The Ocean John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: Asimov on Chemistry, Isaac Asimov.