November 9th, 2004

krazy koati

And meow us away to a brand new world

Some are born with Hello Kitty; some achieve Hello Kitty; and some have Hello Kitty thrust upon them. I find myself in the last of Malvolio's adapted categories. I went to the main co-op to buy sketchbooks and this was enough to get a free gift -- a Hello Kitty photo album. It's quite pink, with a bunch of Kitty heads on a plaid background. It's a bit of a change in my lifestyle, but I'll deal with it with reasonable equanimity.

Hello Kitty isn't the obsession here that it is in Japan, but Singaporeans try. A few years ago Limited Edition Dolls at McDonald's got Singaporeans -- who'll routinely call for queue tickets and avoid ten minute physical waits -- camping out overnight in lines. So many leaned against one store window that it collapsed, injuring several. This month's McDonald's promotion of ``jewel Hello Kitty dolls'' -- small plushes dyed green or red or other ``jewel'' colors -- hasn't set off rabid mania, possibly because it's not labelled a ``limited edition,'' though really everything in the universe except bosons is a limited edition.

Oddly -- yes, there's an oddly -- at the co-op the biggest pile of A4-size sketchbooks was black paper (in white covers, making sketchbooks look more like Ho-Hos than you'd think possible). I don't know who they expect to buy so much black sketch paper. I miss Arlene's Art Supplies down in scenic Albany.

Trivia: Shakespeare's Richard III was first made as a movie in 1911, a two-reel production. Source: Shakespeare's Kings: The Great Plays and the History of England in the Middle Ages: 1337-1485, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: A Day in the Life of President Kennedy, Jim Bishop. The day was 24 October 1963, so yes, the book has a really creepy vibe. Bishop said he finished the book -- originally a newspaper series -- the week before Kennedy's murder and didn't change a word.