November 24th, 2004

krazy koati

Tonight with words unspoken you say that I'm the only one

So: I got the iBook's proof of purchase -- to my surprise it was the 28th of February, not the first week of March, 2002, but never mind -- faxed from several different sources (and states) to the Apple Service Centre. You know you've provided them with more paper than they're used to when you call up, introduce yourself and don't even get to ``... and yesterday I brought in an iBook'' before they say, ``Oh, yes, we remember you.''

The diagnosis is the logic board is at fault. As a result the repairs are covered under the recall program and the fuss over proof of purchase and the AppleCare Protection Plan was meaningless anyway. Live and learn; at least I'm guaranteed against anything bad which happens before the end of February. I don't have the computer back; they hoped to have it done ``this afternoon or tomorrow'' and it's well past the afternoon, so here we are. This actually all fits together almost as conveniently as this hassle possibly could, since today I wouldn't have been able to pick it up anyway -- final exams, follies to be reported on later -- but tomorrow should be more free.

Past that who knows ... I did mention the keyboard problem -- the space key got stuck mostly depressed, so while you can press it you get a soggy response -- and they said they'd look at that too. If there's been no significant data loss -- a big if, but less probable things have happened to me, this week even -- I may only be a week behind on the book. Here's hoping.

Trivia: NASA mechanics rejected as unusable approximately 24 to 30 percent of all spare parts for the X-15. Source: Transiting from Air to Space: The North American X-15, Robert S Houston, Richard P Hallion, Ronald G Boston.

Currently Reading: Skyscraper: The Search for an American Style, 1891-1941, Roger Shepherd.