November 26th, 2004

krazy koati

Chains that just won't set me free

They didn't call, but the web site status update said the iBook was ready. I called to confirm; they ... didn't answer, but I left voice mail with my service number and phone number. After I finished grading they hadn't called; I called them and they said it was ready.

They replaced the logic board, and also the LCD screen which their tests indicated showed colors incorrectly. I hadn't noticed. I did try booting it and found it ... got partly through the startup, then blanked out to the Darwin/BSD screen, which is where I came in Tuesday. The technician eventually found there was a problem with the hard drive; he doesn't know how it was missed, although the hard drive could be mounted by another machine.

He asked, ``You are aware that while we will try to preserve data, if the hard drive is bad there may be data lost?'' Yes, I'm aware of that. ``Do you have any critical data there?'' Does a computer ever not have data its owner considers critical? ``Is there anything particularly critical?'' Sure, my book; I'd also like my e-mail, and wrote out the directories they'd be found in. ``Because we will try to preserve any data.'' All right. ``So we should try to save the entire user directory.'' Ideally, yes, ``But we can't guarantee there won't be data loss if we have to replace the hard drive.''

I don't want to sound dense, but was he trying to ask a question?

So another night without the iBook, and another call tomorrow ...

Trivia: The Abwehr Enigma machines had the letters `QWERTZUIO' on the top row of keys; `ASDFGHJK' on the middle, and `PYXCVBNML' on bottom. Source: Hijacking Enigma, Christine Large.

Currently Reading: Skyscraper: The Search for an American Style, 1891-1941, Roger Shepherd.