November 28th, 2004

krazy koati

And forever more, that's how you'll stay

Long, heavy, boring rains today; well, it's monsoon season. So much for taking a perfectly reasonable responsibility-free day trip to the zoo. I ended up looking for things to buy as Christmas presents, which won't be easy.

I also finally got to see The Incredibles -- at, I'll note, an Eng Wah Cinema which did not see any need to put any commercials on before the movie -- and, well, I'm awestruck. I think we have to start considering the prospect that Disney is deliberately sabotaging the trailers to Pixar movies in the hopes of keeping them from going off to another distributor.

There were only a few false notes to me (Edna Mode's telegraphing of the end with her ``no capes'' rant; Dash, finally freed of the push to hide his talents, being urged to finish second in the school race; that kind of thing), but overall -- never mind that it's a marvelous story well-told and excellently directed. Look at the graphic design of the place. Listen to the music. It's a world that never quite existed, not all at once, but it's gorgeous, all around. Even the horrible cubicle office and cubicle suburbs are beautiful to watch. Every frame of this movie is appealing to the eye and ear in a way few things are.

I can't understand the people who left before the credits were over. What sort of person wants to hurry away from that?

Trivia: Mariner 10 had a total independent maneuvering capacity of 120 meters/second of velocity change, once launch towards Venus was completed. Source: The Voyage of Mariner 10: Mission to Venus and Mercury, James A. Dunne and Eric Burgess. NASA SP-424.

Currently Reading: A History of Italian Unity 1814-1871, Bolton King.