December 3rd, 2004

krazy koati

You gave me no warning of what was to be

The Service Centre finally got back to me with a projected date; as you might guess from the lyric, it's Monday. All I can say is, they better. They're getting dangerously close to my plane flight home for Christmas, and I am not going without a computer of my own to North America. They don't want me to go up there and be sarcastic.

Today I participated in a ridiculous little ritual the faculty calls grade moderation because just calling it scaling the grades would be too honest. In a bid to avoid grade inflation there are ``recommendations'' about not letting more than a certain percentage of the class get above a B+, or above a C+, or below a D. So we have to present to the rest of the department bar charts that we don't make showing we're close enough. Since we all know the moderated levels there's nothing which needs changing, but there's good gossip about upperclassmen and grad students to gather.

And finally arrived from my parents, the Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Essentials DVD (with Shorts Volume 3), packed with the game Space Colony, my old copy of the Franz Joseph Star Fleet Technical Manual, and two different Gemini model kits. Also bubble wrap. Plus I got invited to a potluck barbecue tomorrow. It's a good day.

Trivia: The Oxford English Dictionary first edition defined 13,478 main words which begin with the letter D. Source: The Meaning of Everything, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: The Punic Wars, Brian Caven.