December 5th, 2004

krazy koati

I've danced alone a thousand times

So walking from the bus interchange to the Jurong East MRT station I saw a fellow wearing a pair of lion ``bunny slipper'' type slippers, a yellow baseball cap and sunglasses featuring long horizontal lines across them, along with a coiled tiger-like tail made of papier-mâché. Surrounding him were a bunch of animated toys, including an Elmo with wheels in his heels so he spun around some. He had a boom box playing some bass-heavy tuneless thing, while he danced around in a jerky motion that looked like a fusion of the Robot, line dancing, and step aerobics, periodically clapping his hands and hooting.

I just hope he was a street performer.

I tossed a dollar coin in his box anyway; I suspect he'd do better if the box weren't so near him. Now and then a little crowd gathered to watch, on an arc about three meters away from him, which I suppose represents how close Singaporeans feel they can get safely.

Borders had several promotions going: a 3-for-2 on Select Paperbacks; a 4-for-3 on select children's books; 20 percent off all books bought with a VCD or DVD; a $10 voucher with a $75 purchase. I may have missed some, but ended up with the voucher.

Trivia: In 1871 the Pennsylvania Railroad began a 999-year lease on the property and right-of-way of the United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company. Source: New Jersey: America's Main Road, John T Cunningham.

Currently Reading: Naked Airport: A cultural history of the world's most revolutionary structure, Alastair Gordon.