December 7th, 2004

krazy koati

I knew that I would now

I embraced the doom when the customer service person told me his name was ``Annakin''.

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If this were any of the first nine days I'd be delighted. As late as yesterday and I'd be happy; today I'm just relieved to have this done.

For those preparing the cultural reference guide on me, following the computer's installation back home I downloaded 376 pieces of mail -- 40 related to my role as instructor; 60 from mailing lists or such; 272 spam; and four that I actually in some fashion should respond to. That is, 99 percent of my life doesn't require my presence.

Trivia: The official state flower of Delaware is the peach blossom. Source: The New York Public Library Desk Reference, Paul Fargis and Sheree Bykofsky.

Currently Reading: In Search of Wonder, Damon Knight.