December 12th, 2004

krazy koati

Why must you be vexed

I'm going to run behind on comments again tonight; I'm just too, too tired ... between jet lag and running around in preparations for The Big Christmas Party I'm really wiped out. On the bright side, the fact that I'm now in hour 14 of downloads trying to repair LaTeX on the iBook may have finally, finally started to convince Mom of the need for some Internet connection that doesn't run at 84 baud and feature surprise random disconnections. I'd note I'd also have been done if fink grasped the ``resume download'' concept, though.

Today featured a ritual visit to the barbershop. It's a great experience, as I've had the same barber about twenty years, and he loves that I come from far away (apparently one barbers' bragging rights is how far away is their farthest repeat customer, so he really aces it with me around). He tells everyone in the shop how long he's been cutting my hair, from how far away I come, how nobody touches my hair but him (that's not quite true, but I'm not telling him that), that I've got this thing with rocket science he could never understand (false on both counts); then how his kid, his kid's soccer, and his own hockey are going, and then instructions on messages to carry back to other members of the family, many of whom he hasn't seen in fifteen years.

He regards me as a brilliant conversationalist, on the strength of maybe four sentences per visit. I love it.

My hair style, for the record, is ``shorten each of the hairs and trim the beard.''

Trivia: New Jersey has this year approximately 122 Shop-Rite supermarkets. Source: Economic Impact of New Jersey's Retail Supermarket Industry, Dr Robert Angelo, Rutgers University Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations.

Currently Reading: Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection, Leonard F. Guttridge.