December 22nd, 2004

krazy koati

Fall into the Gap

My parents have enjoyed having me home, because Mom's able to send me out to buy Dad Christmas presents without venturing into the cold herself, and Dad's able to send me out to buy Mom presents similarly. I feel like a bland sort of double agent, putting together a list of Things to Pick Up which I can't show either for confirmation.

A lot of these are gift cards. One I picked up (on orders) from a women's apparel store was the plastic card, put inside a tight-fitting plastic sleeve, which was itself taped to the inside of a longer card, which the sales clerk wrapped in tissue paper folded-over to put into a cardboard box (with a ribbon for when, later, it would get wrapped and needed a bow), that was put into a plastic bag for carrying. Clearly, the country feels threatened by the excessive wrapping given my pants in Singapore, and has risen to the challenge.

At The Gap I also bought (on orders) a Gift Card. The register printed out several receipts; so, naturally, I said, ``I have to ask -- one of those is the gift receipt, isn't it?''

``Yes, it is,'' said the cashier, and he pointed to the shorter. So, then, if the recipient doesn't want the Gift Card she can exchange it for something the store sells.

The cashier didn't understand my laughter, as severe an indictment of modern teenagers as I can deliver. The (older) cashier and a person in line at Sears thought it was hilarious, though. I mentioned it because the register there went mad, printing out a receipt, a gift receipt, a couple rebate receipts, and so on.

Trivia: The National Advisory Council on Aeronautics's first wind tunnel, a copy of a decade-old English design, began operations on 11 June 1920. Source: Wind Tunnels of NASA, Donald D. Baals, William R. Corliss, NASA SP-440.

Currently Reading: Sea of Glory, Nathaniel Philbrick.