December 30th, 2004

krazy koati

Close your eyes and I'll close mine

The nastiest thing about a long plane flight, 13-time-zone jet lag, and a mild cold, isn't necessarily getting up at wholly inappropriate times. Today I got up certain I had to stay up, at what turned out to be 6:55 am. I figured I could go to bed again until at least noon and still go in to the office and see if anything was up. Then it was 2:55 pm. I don't know why I'm just anticipating the hour, but I might fall asleep before finishing writing this post. Blame the Panadol cold medicine.

The nastiest thing, though, is with all these factors disorienting my understanding of space and time, I had to walk down the hill, which includes several stairwell paths that are cut obliquely to the paths of the steps. That may not make sense, because I'm trying very hard to grab at words and am missing. What I mean is, with normal steps, you walk along a path that's roughly perpendicular to the wide length of the steps. With these, you have to walk along a path that cuts an angle of 45 degrees (or 135, depending on your view) relative to the wide length of the steps. It's a very wrong way to do things, challenging even when I'm fully awake, and left me standing dazzled a few times. I need more sleep.

Channel 5 has cancelled its live telecast of The Nation's Countdown, a Sentoa Island New Year's Eve party, out of respect to the tsunami victims. Sacrifices must be made, even if we don't quite get why these particular sacrifices. The Countdown will go on anyway. Donation cans and drives are springing into action here, to the point the Singapore Red Cross has asked for no more used clothing, but would like shipping companies with excess space if they'll lend that. The current death totals are above 120,000, and ... it's going to be worse.

Trivia: The sideways-eight figure for ``infinity'' was first used by John Wallis in 1655. Source: A History of Mathematical Notations, Florian Cajori.

Currently Reading: Time is the Simplest Thing, Clifford Simak.