January 27th, 2005

krazy koati

I would like you to dance

So a year ago I yielded to the inevitable and opened this Livejournal. I'm amazed that I've managed to find something to write each day, and amused it's turned into a generally out-of-character record of things I see and do. I'd thought it would be more introspective and in-character, but woodlander pointed out it was more interesting when I talked about real life, and was right. It's fun trying to pick a topic, to compose a short essay on it, and to match that with a song lyric and (ideally) trivia point. Not always easy, but fun.

For the holiday I visited the gardens at Sentosa Undersea World, where the attendant octopus tossed me onto the merry-go-round. Atypically, I lost my balance, and stumbled into the nurse's station in the center. There I bought a poppy for a larvae-carrying butterfly, who appreciated it, and directed me to the chameleon's den. (It was down.) It was a perfectly ghastly tour through the spectrum and the dazzled tourists were left cobalt blue. As I'd had enough of that I followed a goblin along to a hawker center, which ordinarily would have dozens of small food stands tracking of hundreds of people and orders. This particular one was closed for spring cleaning; without thinking I stepped on one and was flung homewards. All considered, it went smoother than I expected.

Oh, and Ringo Starr is to become an animated superhero for Stan Lee. This will differ from The Beatles cartoon series and Yellow Submarine by having Ringo provide his own voice.

Trivia: Roger Chaffee was named to the Apollo 1 crew after Donn Eisele hurt his shoulder in a zero-gee training flight in 1965 and exacerbating the injury playing handball, demanding surgery. Source: We Have Capture, Tom Stafford and Michael Cassutt.

Currently Reading: The Futurological Congress, Stanislaw Lem.