January 29th, 2005

krazy koati

You light up my life

Unfortunately, I seem to be mistaken in thinking that Action City -- the Japanese kitsch store at Plaza Singapura; that's the store with the teddy bear in bulletproof vest and gas mask as mascot -- had Oswald the Lucky Rabbit memorabilia. Apparently Oswald's been making a comeback in Japan; I thought I'd seen dolls or keychains or the like, but they didn't have any today.

They did launch a new frontal attack on the general cuteness defenses anyone does have, though, with a new set of wrist-supporting mouse pads. The mouse pads are animal-shaped, so we could have a panda or kitten or whatnot; but more, the pads are transparent, filled with a gelatinous goo and small plastic letters -- and glow in the dark. I don't use the mouse much in the dark, but I like the feature.

There was also a set of small figurines with the inspirational motto: ``STRANGE AGAINST STRANGE! Evirob is the essence of weird life. It will make you too ill [sic]. Try our extraordinary works. You can find it's [sic] another standard.'' Words to live by. I didn't buy anything.

Trivia: Harold W Arlin of KDKA was the first full-time radio announcer in the United States. Source: A Pictorial History of Radio, Irving Settel.

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