February 1st, 2005

krazy koati

You gotta sort 'em out first as everyone knows

I need clothes hangers. I feel ridiculous hanging up casual, non-business-type, short-sleeved shirts, but I like folding them up less, and I do look dramatically better when I make any sort of effort to keep them from turning into a pile of wrinkles, so I need more. While I've got some, I just don't have enough. Like, I suspect, most people I don't think often about where clothes hangers come from, and I'm at a loss now for where I might go for them.

I'd assumed some store would sell them, particularly if it sold home furnishings. You'd think if they sell you an ironing board they'd also sell you something to hang the ironed from. Nope. Supermarket? Convenience store? Nope. The home apparel store where I've bought linens with only routine crises? Nope. You can buy an inhalable iPod Shuffle in a 7-Eleven here (soon, anyway), but clothes hangers? Good luck. I don't know where I should go, but right away I'm ruling out buying them online, and I don't want to know how many pages on eBay are clothes hanger auctions, vintage or not. I may have to go to the Ikea by the Commonwealth MRT station, but I'm not sure I want a flock of clothes hangers that are Swedish and have to be assembled with an Allen wrench.

Ooh. The George Pal version of The Time Machine is on. Tom Thumb is next.

Trivia: Auguste Comte's reform ``Calendrier Positiviste'' dedicated February to the abstract concept of marriage, and the concrete person of Homer. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, E.G. Richards.

Currently Reading: Mastodonia, Clifford Simak.