February 3rd, 2005

krazy koati

They're not gonna change my mind

I don't know ... the only thing the cancellation of Enterprise brings to me is a bit of regret that this is going to make life duller around rec.arts.startrek.tech, where the conversation is great but slows down when there's not new Trek material to go over. The liveliest ``rerun season'' conversation lately started from someone who heard the Next Generation Technical Manual says there are dolphins aboard Enterprise-D, and found that the most outrageously offensive idea ever. It's fun pointing out yeah, space dolphins might be stuck inside watery cages but the space humans are stuck inside airy cages, but that's not fun forever.

Partly I suppose that's because my Trek fanboyism reached a peak in the late 80s and early 90s, and since about the fifth season of Next Generation I haven't felt bad missing any of it. Also Enterprise felt like a prequel to the original series in about the same way Baby Looney Tunes feels like a prequel to A Wild Hare. (In today's show Baby Sylvester is mad because the arrival of Baby Pepe means Baby Lola and all don't think he's the cutest anymore and stop walking him in the carriage and all. Baby Sylvester discovers skunks, adorable as the babies are, grow up to stink, and he's ready to use this to destroy Baby Pepe -- but calls it off when Baby Pepe's first word besides mumbling ooh-la-la is ``Sylvester.'' Is that honestly worse than Captain Archer's Ferengi Folly Revue?)

Still, from reports they were finally getting organized. And I'll miss the Usenet talk. They should've let me design the show.

Trivia: The standard communicator weighed 200 grams and had a range of 12,000 kilometers. Source: Star Fleet Technical Manual, Franz Joseph. The Modern Trek folks probably screwed that up too.

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