February 8th, 2005

krazy koati

We shall go on playing or find a new town

Somehow, and I'm not precisely sure how, in the middle of today's lecture about finite difference methods for numerical approximation to the solutions of (ordinary, but obviously generalizable to partial) differential equations and the differences between explicit and implicit differential equation solvers, I found myself in a digression about Erich von Stroheim. I hope that gets mentioned in the instructor evaluations this term.

While note-writing one of last term's students asked for help in his current computer class. He came for my natural, approachable style, and because everyone else went home early for Chinese New Year's Eve. Unfortunately he wanted help on ``Booth's Algorithm,'' an alleged algorithm for efficiently multiplying binary numbers. I never heard of ``Booth's Algorithm'', and a review of his notes make me conclude it's a hoax. I admit I don't see the point of doing floating-point arithmetic by hand, except maybe to punish students for their naturally sinful natures, and particularly don't get giving a dozen problems based on odd algorithms.

Also they suspended for the Eve and New Year the bus running from the nearest MRT station to campus. They're still running at least three other buses from other MRT stations to campus, and I can't find notices of any other buses anywhere being suspended for the holiday. I think they're taunting me.

Trivia: 11 is the largest integer not the sum of two or more distinct primes. Source: Lure of the Integers, Joe Roberts.

Currently Reading: The Rocket Men: Vostok and Voskhod, the First Soviet Manned Spaceflights, Rex Hall and David J Shayler.