February 11th, 2005

krazy koati

A flame in your heart

The seminar looked interesting, a 90-minute talk on optimized n-colorable graphs. That may not be your thing, but trust me, I'm interested. I have to suspect that it was a ruse, though, designed to lure people back to the office for that awkward day between two days off for Lunar New Year and two days off for the weekend. The scheduled room was on level 5, room 46 -- and near as I can find, level 5 has no room numbers higher than 32. I feel gypped.

I went to lunch on the far side of campus, and found a fire. Not on campus, as near as I can find. There was plenty of smoke, including ashes, billowing out over the side of campus nearer the ocean, and a rich smell of burning wood. It mostly passed during the course of lunch, and I couldn't find any obvious news reports. I've missed the smell -- I used to have plenty of wood-fire cookouts, but haven't grilled anything except by gas in about 15 years, and that rarely.

Cartoon Network's been showing Chinese New Year-themed Powerpuff Girls fillers, very stylized blue-, red-, or green-and-black-and-white cartoons of Bubbles playing with a bunny, or Buttercup whipping around a snake, or such. It's very cute and is yet another thing I really ought to have a VCR or such to record.

Trivia: Early television interference from stations on the same channel but out of line-of-sight (VHF refraction being underestimated by the FCC) prompted flat-earthers to claim this proved Earth was not round. Source: Please Stand By, Michael Ritchie.

Currently Reading: Son of Groucho, Arthur Marx.